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Lucy Wild Tree Websites

Kia ora, I'm Lucy, Founder of Wild Tree Digital

I’ve always done what I can to make a difference, and my work at Wild Tree is no exception. If you’re looking for an amazing website, that aligns with your green brand values, then you’re in the right place.

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Sustainable and ethical Web Design!

No surprises - we do business ethically!
You control the relationship

We've been building websites for 8 years, and we're proud to have a client retention rate of over 95%. 
However, if at any time you'd like to stop working with us you're free to leave! 
We invoice monthly for hosting, so you won't be tied in to any lengthily contracts.
We're not sales people

We want to help you. We believe in lasting relationships and full transparency from the get go. We charge fairly and don't believe in up-selling or bamboozling!  
If you want to make changes to your website, we can do this for an upfront fee, or we can show you how you can make the changes yourself.
Friendly Support

If you have a question, just ask! We're here to take the stress out of your website experience, so let us help you. 
Web Design in Auckland
Ecologi Climate Positive Web DesignBusiness Declares Carbon Zero Commitment

Only 0.24g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits our homepage. That's 80% less than a normal website!

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