A green website is designed to have minimal impact on the environment.

Did you know that the internet accounts for 2% of all energy consumed? 

The average website is responsible for 4.61g of carbon being released into the atmosphere for each page loaded!

If that website has 5 page views, that’s the same carbon footprint as a banana. 11 page views is the same as a cup of tea.  But over the course of a month, a website racking up 1000 hits, averaging 3 pages per visit, kicks out the same amount of carbon as driving your average inefficient car 19.5 miles!


Green website tickOur websites are built with the environment in mind.  Happily, research shows that website visitors respond better to clean and optimised websites, so there’s no need to compromise on user experience.

Wild Tree Digital websites are ‘data light’ which means that they are optimised to ensure that the amount of energy needed to get the web pages from the server is minimised.
The servers we use are carbon zero, and the companies we use are classed as ‘eco hosts’.  They are as reliable and secure as any other hosting companies.  They just love the sun and wind more than most!

Wild Tree Digital only uses renewable energy to power its office.

We travel to clients by bike where possible, and by electric car for meetings further afield.  Zoom calls are great for meeting clients and sharing screens without the need to travel at all!

Once completed, we check our websites using a carbon calculator tool, and when we are satisfied they are fully optimised we issue them with a ‘Green Website’ stamp they can display in the website footer.