What is a Sustainable Website?

Our websites emit approx 80% less carbon than a regular website!

Whist the average webpage is responsible for 1.76g of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere, a Wild Tree Digital website weighs in at an average of 0.32g of CO2!

For every thousand pages viewed on a Wild Tree Digital website we're saving the equivalent of:
Driving a car carbon footprint compared to website
Driving a car
Using an energy efficient lightbulb carbon footprint
Leaving a lightbulb
on for 192hrs!

Here's some scary facts:

Sustainability Internet Websites
The internet accounts for 4%
of all pollution worldwide
...and it's growing
World Internet Environment
If the internet was a country, it would be the 7th largest polluter
...just behind Germany
Climate Change Environment Kiwis
1 in 3 Kiwis are worried about climate change

That's 1.7m people!

How do we do it?

Our websites are ‘data light’, meaning they are optimised to ensure that the amount of energy needed to get the web pages from the server is minimised.
The servers we use are carbon negative, provided by ‘eco hosts’. They are super reliable and secure, as any other hosting, they just love the sun and wind more than most!
Everything Wild Tree Digital does, it does with the environment in mind. We minimise car travel, are paperless, and our business bank has divested from fossil fuels.
Happily, research shows that website visitors respond better to a clean and optimised website, so there’s no need to compromise on user experience 😊

Does a sustainable website align with your brand values?

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Only 0.24g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits our homepage. That's 80% less than a normal website!

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