We specialise in clean, optimised websites, using responsive Google friendly code. We also love that no two websites are the same…  

…in fact, your website will be unique to your business. However, we know that sometimes the thought of arranging all your activities, USPs and brand identity onto one site can seem overwhelming, and that’s why we like to find out all about you and your business before we start designing.

We’re not an agency, so you’ll talk to the same person all the way through your design. And when you have a question you’ll know who you’re talking to on the phone. We’re happy to discuss your site in as much detail as you want, but we’re not fans of needless jargon so we’ve created a glossary of helpful terms below to help you understand what we’re offering.

All our website are built with these as standard:

A custom design to fit your needs. You might want all your information on one clean page or you might need twenty-seven pages full of graphics and doodles. You might want to showcase your brand values, but you might also want to sell products.  We can do it all.
Responsiveness. Meaning our websites look great on mobile phones, tablets and computer screens.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). For your customers to find you, Google needs to find you first!
Purchased domain names.  A domain name is a website address. For example our site’s address is  You might want or  We can purchase the name for you (if it’s available), usually for about £10. Then once the design is complete we hand it over to you if you want. The reason why we do this is because we firmly believe that the client should be able to own their own domain name. After all, it is your online business address.
Purchased and managed hosting. Your website is actually a set of files full of coding and those files are stored by ‘hosts’. Hosting companies have large servers and we buy a space on those servers as well as making sure we pay the rent! Again, we are happy to hand this over to you if you want to manage this independently. Our hosting companies use eco-servers powered by renewable energy.
SSL certification. All our sites have the padlock symbol so that your customers (and Google) know that they’re completely secure.