Seven Warning Signs Your Website Needs Attention

Posted on 20 May 2021

Have you looked at your website recently? I mean really looked. How do you even know if your site is still working properly? If you're not sure whether you site is awesome or awful, read on!

1. Is your website secure?

Google is about to come down hard on sites that don’t have a padlock symbol on the address bar. Secure sites have SSL certificates that bind a cryptographic key to your details. AND potential customers are much more likely to trust a secure site.

2. Is you site loading quickly?

Slow sites are terrible for customer engagement and for the environment. Also, Google is starting to punish sluggish sites by dropping them down the rankings. You might have worked hard on keywords and SEO only to get penalised for load speed. There’s lots of ways to speed up a site. Don’t be afraid to raise this with your designer.

3. Is your site responsive?

Your website should look great on ALL devices.

A good website has:

  • images that respond to screen ratio changes
  • button and text size variations
  • content that switches from horizontal to vertical layout with smaller screens

Responsiveness is essential.

4. Do you feel in control?

If you wanted to make a change to your site tomorrow, would you who to ask? If your developer disappeared into the sunset would you be able to access your site? If not, sort this NOW.

You should own your own domain name. If you don’t already, ask your developer to transfer it into your name. It’s easy to do and doesn’t change the access to your site.

5. Do you know how your site is performing?

How many people are visiting? Where are they based? What pages most interest them? This information provides vital clues on whether you’re meeting your clients' needs.

6. …and more security (!)

Is someone maintaining your site? Websites need updating to ensure that:

  • The security of your site stays one step ahead of hackers and bots
  • Your site has moved with the times!

7. Do you still feel proud of your site and what it says about your business?

If your site no longer reflects your products, service or brand then you need to make some changes. If your website looks like it was designed in 2005 it might be worth giving it a fresh look altogether! A look at competitors’ websites is a great benchmarking tool for this.

Do you want a website that looks great and works hard for your business?

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